center for robotics and embedded systems University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering


USC Robotics Research Lab
Contact: Mataric\' Sukhatme
Main Research Areas: control and learning in multi-robot systems, humanoids, and embedded systems.
Robot Types: mobile robots, hoppers, helicopters, embedded systems, humanoids, robot dogs

Speech Analysis and Interpretation Lab (SAIL)
Contact: Narayanan
Main Research Areas: Speech and Language Processing & Automatic Speech Recognition; Speech Production Modeling, Articulatory Acoustics, Speech Synthesis; Biomedical Signal Processing and Modeling; Imaging & Instrumentation for Speech Research; Human Machine Interaction; Multimodal-Multimedia Interfaces, Devices, and Systems

Robotic Embedded Systems Lab (RESL)
Contact: Sukhatme
Main Research Areas: mobilty and coordination in embedded, networked,multi-robot systems; on-body networks; aerial robotics; marine robotics
Robot Types: mobile robots, robot boats (USVs), robot submarines (AUVs), helicopters (AUVs), embedded systems (including cellphones)

Polymorphic Robotics Laboratory
Contact: Shen
Main Research Areas: reconfigurable robotics, robot soccer, learning.
Robot Types: mobile robots, reconfigurable robots.

Motor Behavior Lab
Contact: Winstein
Main Research Areas: motor control and rehabilitation.

Medical Device Development Facility
Contact: Loeb
Main Research Areas: Prosthetics, sensorimotor control and coordination, haptics, tactile sensing
Robot Types: anthropomorphic hands

Laboratory for Molecular Robotics
Contact: Requicha
Main Research Areas: nanorobotics.
Robot Types: scanning probe microscopes.

Interaction Lab
Contact: Mataric\'
Main Research Areas: human-robot interaction for socially assistive robotics, activity and user modeling, human-machine interfaces
Robot Types: humanoid robots, mobile robots, hybrid mobile manipulation platforms, physics-based humanoid simulations, robot dogs

Intelligent Decision Making - lab
Contact: Koenig
Main Research Areas: Intelligent systems, nondeterministic, nonstationary or only partially known domains. Decision making, Planning and Learning.

Contact: Itti
Main Research Areas: using computational modeling to gain insight into biological brain function. Biologically-plausible brain models and comparisons with predictions resulting from model simulations to empirical measurements from living systems.
Robot Types: mobile robots, embedded systems, bio-robots

Computational Learning and Motor Control lab
Contact: Schaal Schaal
Main Research Areas: motor control and statistical learning human and humanoid systems.
Robot Types: full-body humanoid robots, anthropomorphic robot arms, quadruped robots, haptic robot, robot heads.

Brain-Body Dynamics Laboratory
Contact: Valero-Cuevas
Main Research Areas: Neuromuscular systems, brain-body coevolution, sensorimotor rehabilitation, dexterous manipulation
Robot Types: N/A

Biomechanics Research/Teaching Laboratory
Contact: McNitt-Gray
Main Research Areas: biomechanics and neuromuscular control of multijoint movements.


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