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The following is a listing of all technical reports published by CRES. They are stored as PDF documents, and available for downloading. Abstracts are available in HTML. To submit a technical report to this series, first get it approved by a CRES faculty member, and then email to providing the following information: paper title, authors, abstract, and link to the complete paper in PDF (or postscript, if PDF is not possible), at a stable and permanent on-line location.
For an archive of robotics technical reports prior to the establishment of CRES, look here.

Technical Reports

CRES-02-001   [Abstract] [PDF]
An Infrastructure for Large-Scale Human-Robot Interaction
Ashley Tews, Gaurav Sukhatme, and Maja Mataric´
CRES-02-002  [Abstract] [PDF]
Automated Modularization of Human Motion into Actions and Behaviors
Odest Chadwicke Jenkins and Maja J. Mataric´
CRES-02-003   [Abstract] [PDF]
Converting Sequences of Human Volumes into Kinematic Motion
Chi-Wei Chu, Odest Chadwicke Jenkins, and Maja J. Mataric´
CRES-02-004   [Abstract] [PDF]
G'day Mate. Let me Introduce you to Everyone: An Infrastructure for Scalable Human-System Interaction
Ashley Tews, Maja Mataric´, Gaurav Sukhatme, and Brian Gerkey
CRES-02-005   [Abstract] [PDF]
Multi-Robot Task Allocation: Analyzing the Complexity and Optimality of Key Architectures
Brian Gerkey and Maja Mataric´
CRES-02-006   [Abstract] [PDF]
Natural Methods for Robot Task Learning: Instructive Demonstrations, Generalization and Practice
Monica Nicolescu, Maja J. Mataric´
CRES-02-007   [Abstract] [PDF]
Scheduling with Group Dynamics: A Multi-Robot Task-Allocation Algorithm based on Vacancy Chains
Torbjørn S. Dahl, Gaurav S. Sukhatme, and Maja J. Mataric´
CRES-03-008   [Abstract] [PDF]
Adaptive Division of Labor in Large-Scale Minimalist Multi-Robot Systems
Chris Jones and Maja J. Mataric´
CRES-03-010   [Abstract] [PDF]
Localization from Pairwise Distance Relationships using Kernel PCA
Odest Chadwicke Jenkins
CRES-03-011   [Abstract] [PDF]
Multi-robot Dynamic Coverage of a Planar Bounded Environment
Maxim A. Batalin and Gaurav S. Sukhatme
CRES-03-012   [Abstract] [PDF]
On Multi-Robot Task Allocation
Brian P. Gerkey
CRES-03-013   [Abstract] [PDF]
A formal framework for the study of task allocation in multi-robot systems
Brian P. Gerkey and Maja J. Mataric'
CRES-03-014   [Abstract][PDF]
Data-driven Derivation of Skills for Autonomous Humanoid Agents
Odest Chadwicke Jenkins
CRES-03-015   [Abstract][PDF]
Staying Alive Longer: Autonomous Robot Recharging Put to the Test
Milo C. Silverman, Boyoon Jung, Dan Nies and Gaurav S. Sukhatme
CRES-03-016   [Abstract][PDF]
A Framework for learning from demonstration, generalization and practice in human-robot domains
Monica Nicolescu
CRES-04-001   [Abstract][PS]
Communication in Multi-Robot Coordination
Chris Jones and Maja J. Mataric'
CRES-04-002   [Abstract][PDF]
Design and Use Paradigms for Gazebo, An Open-Source Multi-Robot Simulator
Nathan Koenig, Andrew Howard
CRES-04-003   [Abstract][PDF]
A Spatio-temporal Extension to Isomap Nonlinear Dimension Reduction
Odest Chadwicke Jenkins and Maja J. Mataric
CRES-04-004   [Abstract][PDF]
Nonlinear Spherical Shells for Approximate Principal Curves Skeletonization
Odest Chadwicke Jenkins, Chi-Wei Chu, and Maja J. Mataric
CRES-04-005   [Abstract][PDF]
Adaptive Sampling for Marine Microorganism Monitoring
Bin Zhang, Gaurav Sukhatme, and Ari Requicha
CRES-04-006   [Abstract][PDF]
Robomote: Enabling mobility in sensor networks
Karthik Dantu, Mohammad Rahimi, Hardik Shah, Sandeep Babel, Amit Dhariwal and Gaurav Sukhatme
CRES-04-007   [Abstract][PDF]
Automatic Synthesis of Communication-Based Coordinated Multi-Robot Systems
Chris Jones and Maja J. Mataric'
CRES-04-008   [Abstract][PDF]
Toward a Multi-Robot Coordination Formalism
Chris Jones and Maja J. Mataric'
CRES-04-009   [Abstract][PDF]
Time optimal path planning on outdoor terrains for mobile robots under dynamic constraints
Marin Kobilarov, Gaurav Sukhatme
CRES-04-010   [Abstract][PDF]
Motion Capture from Inertial Sensing for Untethered Humanoid
Nathan Miller, Odest Chadwicke Jenkins, Marcelo Kallmann, Maja J. Mataric
CRES-04-011   [Abstract][PDF]
Hands-Off Robotics for Post-Stroke Arm Rehabilitation
Jon Eriksson and Maja J. Mataric
CRES-05-001   [Abstract][PDF]
A Hands-Off Physical Therapy Assistance Robot for Cardiac Patients
Kyong Il Kang, Sanford Freedman, Maja J. Mataric', Mark J. Cunningham, and Becky Lopez
CRES-05-002   [Abstract][PDF]
Analysis of Dynamic Task Allocation in Multi-Robot Systems
Kristina Lerman, Chris Jones, Aram Galstyan, and Maja J. Mataric'
CRES-05-003   [Abstract][PDF]
A Principled Design Methodology for Minimalist Multi-Robot System Controllers
Chris Jones
CRES-05-004   [Abstract][PDF]
A Unifying Framework for Tunable Topology Control in Sensor Networks
Sameera Poduri, Sundeep Pattem, Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Gaurav Sukhatme
CRES-05-005   [Abstract][PDF]
Data Segmentation for Region Detection in a Sensor Network
Anand Panangadan, Gaurav S. Sukhatme
CRES-05-006   [Abstract][PDF]
Symbiosis: Cooperative Algorithms for mobile Robots and a Sensor Network
Maxim Alexander Batalin
CRES-05-007   [Abstract][PDF]
Cooperative Target Tracking Using Mobile Robots
Boyoon Jung
CRES-05-008   [Abstract][PDF]
Real-time Motion Tracking from a Mobile Robot
Boyoon Jung, Gaurav S. Sukhatme
CRES-05-009   [Abstract][PDF]
Evaluating Arm Movement Imitation
Alexandra Constantin and Maja J. Mataric'
CRES-05-010   [Abstract][PDF]
Encouraging Physical Therapy Compliance with a Hands-Off Mobile Robot
Rachel Gockley and Maja J. Mataric'
CRES-06-001   [Abstract][PDF]
Vision-Based 3D Navigation for an Autonomous Helicopter
Stefan Ellis de Nagy Koves Hrabar
CRES-06-002   [Abstract][PDF]
Bioscope: Actuated Sensor Network for Biological Science
Mohammad Rahimi
CRES-06-003   [Abstract][PDF]
Multi-Robot Formations: Rule-base Synthesis and Stability Analysis
David James Naffin
CRES-06-004   [Abstract][PDF]
Sliding Window Filters for SLAM
Gabe Sibley
CRES-07-001   [Abstract][PDF]
The Task Matrix: a Robot-Independent Framework for Programming Humanoids
Evan Drumright
CRES-08-001   [Abstract][PDF]
Perceptually Motivated Symbol Generation
Jeffrey Singley Norris
CRES-08-002   [Abstract][PDF]
Macroscopic Approaches to Control: Multi-Robot Systems and Beyond
Dylan A. Shell
CRES-08-004   [Abstract][PDF]
A Note on Unscented Filtering and State Propagation in Nonlinear Systems
Jonathan Kelly
CRES-08-005   [Abstract][PDF]
On the Observability and Self-Calibration of Visual-Inertial Navigation Systems
Jonathan Kelly
CRES-09-001   [Abstract][PDF]
Development of Socially Assistive Robots For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
David Feil-Seifer, Matthew P. Black, Elisa Flores, Aaron B. St. Clair, Emily K. Mower, Chi-Chun Lee, Maja J. Matari\'{c}, Shrikanth Narayanan, Clara Lajonchere, Peter Mundy, Marian Williams
CRES-10-001   [Abstract][PDF]
Towards Distance Ordering in Large Robot and Sensor Networks
Megha Gupta and Gaurav Sukhatme
CRES-11-001   [Abstract][PDF]
An Experimental Design for Studying Proxemic Behavior in Human-Robot Interaction
Ross Mead and Maja J Mataric'
CRES-11-002   [Abstract][PDF]
A Preliminary Validation of Automated Feature Recognition for Proxemic Behavior Analysis
Ross Mead, Amin Atrash, and Maja J Mataric'
CRES-11-003   [Abstract][PDF]
Comparing Physical and Virtual Embodiment in a Socially Assistive Robot Exercise Coach for the Elderly
Juan Fasola and Maja J Mataric'
CRES-12-001   [Abstract][PDF]
Minimum-Risk Time-Expanded Planning for AUVs using Ocean Current Predictions
Arvind Pereira and Gaurav Sukhatme
CRES-12-002   [Abstract][PDF]
Robot Life-Long Task Learning from Human Demonstrations: A Bayesian Approach
Nathan Koenig
CRES-13-001   [Abstract][PDF]
Using Semantic Fields to Model Dynamic Spatial Relations in a Robot Architecture for Natural Language Instruction of Service Robots
Juan Fasola and Maja J Mataric'


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