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Data Set ualberta-csc-flr3-vision

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Name: ualberta-csc-flr3-vision
Desc: Images labeled with camera position from a loop around the CS Centre at the University of Alberta.
Jonathan Klippenstein
24 Aug 2006
2 files; 89 Mb

Detailed Description
These images were recorded at the Computing Science Centre of the University of Alberta. They comprise a loop around the third floor of the building. Images were captured with a Dragonfly IEEE1394 digital camera from Point Grey Research,from an iRobot Magellan Pro robot. An image was taken after an approximate 15 cm translation or 5 degree rotation, whichever came first.

An upwards-pointing camera was used for observing the robot position by tracking a repeating pattern of ceiling tiles. As such, every image has an associated position and covariance matrix.

Each of the 512 images has three associated files:

imageNNNN.png - rectified image (radial distortion has been removed).
imageNNNN.state - position image was taken from, along with covariance matrix.
imageNNNN.sift - SIFT keys.

More information can be found in the README file in the archive. For convenience, the SIFT keys are packaged in a separate file.
File Format Description
Since the robot is moving around on a flat floor, a two-dimensional position and heading state is tracked. The first three numbers are the (x, y, theta) tuple that represents the robots position and heading, in millimetres and radians, respectively. This is followed by the 3x3 covariance matrix. The y-axis points forward of the robot, while the x-axis points to the right of the robot, and theta is measured clockwise from the y-axis.