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Data Set ul_csis1_nonsimulatedsonardata

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Name: ul_csis1_nonsimulatedsonardata
Desc: Non-Simulated Sonar data from Pioneer 1, in UL CSIS 1st floow
Shane O Sullivan
10 Oct 2004
1 files; 2 Mb

Detailed Description
This is sonar data taken during a real world run around the 1st floor of the CSIS building in the University of Limerick, Ireland using a Pioneer 1 robot. There are 4 files in the Zip file attached.
UL_csis1_NonSimulatedSonarData.run contains the sonar data.
MapViewer_Tutorial 4_Building_Maps_From_Sonar_Data.pdf explains the file format.
UL_csis1_NonSimulatedSonarData_10mm.map contains the generated map in Carmen map format - http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~carmen, with a resolution of 10mm, meaning each grid cell is 10mm wide and 10mm high. This file can be opened using either Carmen or MapViewer, available at http://mapviewer.skynet.ie
RobotRunFileHelper.h is a C++ class that can read and write the sonar data files. More information and sample usages of it can be found in the Tutorial4 zip file at http://mapviewer.skynet.ie
The layout of the sonars is detailed in the .run file (this is also covered in the PDF). MapViewer can be used to build maps from this sonar data (at any resolution), and also to simply show the path taken by the robot in the environment.
File Format Description
The file format is described in the attached PDF, and can be read and written using the attached C++ header file, RobotRunFileHelper.h